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We approach the realization of the interior in the same way as a work of art. Creativity and witty utility are the two main aspects of our work. We also keep in mind that even with a small investment, a great idea can turn your space into an interesting place to live in.  Each of our interiors challenges us to create something unique and sustainable. Most of our time in the past has been dedicated to public interiors such as cafes, restaurants, hotels. However, this is not a dogma for us - we also like to deal with interiors for personal, intimate use - i.e. apartments, houses, residences. I would even say that this is exactly the direction we would like to continue to develop...


02 portfolio


03 history

Our company was founded in 1996 and has been operating with shorter or longer breaks in the same composition since then. The administrative and creative core of the company consists of two people, Marek Hospodarsky and Terezie Prchalová. For many years now, each of the projects has been assisted by external staff. One is a specialist in wall art and the other a great maker of stucco etc. We are all artists and each of us is also involved in our own creativity. Each of the spaces we have created together is in a sense a work of art.

Over the past years, we have successfully implemented about 30 projects. The vast majority of them were implemented in the Czech Republic, especially in Brno and Prague. But we have also completed a challenging project in Budapest (Hotel Andrassy), a residence in Tuscany (Volterra), a working stay in Holland (Naarden-Bussum), a family house in Gratz, etc.

We look forward to potential investors - owners of great apartments, houses, cafes, restaurants or hotels. We believe we can satisfy anyone looking to freshen up the interior of their home, office or business with a unique wall decor, stucco or small decorative touch. 


04 contact

Mgr. Marek Hospodarsky

Tel: +420 732 333 550

Frantiska Krizka 1133/8, Praha, 17000, Czech republic

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